Wednesday, February 1, 2012

from last year! June 28, 2011

so cool...i got a blog award! yes, this was from last year when i was even moreso new to the whole blogging thing. the past year has been full of me trying to find time to blog and so here i am, one year later, getting organized! i honestly, didn't even know cute little awards like this existed so it was really *sweet* to get it :)
i am a lone scrapper/crafter and really wanted someplace to get and share ideas. i started my i <3 scrapbooking facebook page to meet other crafters and i have made a lot of great friends (and gotten a ton of ideas)! from there i have created the *made with love (and paper)* design team and then my blog that i have, for too long, ignored!
so thank you, thank you, thank you to my online friend krista (krista's paper cafe) for honoring me with this award! she and i met on a design team and are now crafty facebook friends as well as fellow *made with love (and paper)* design team members! so here i of the recipients of the irresistibly sweet blog awards!

the conditions of accepting the award:
*thank the person who has given it
**list 7 random facts about myself
***nominate 8 other worthy blogs

random facts about me:
1. i <3 animals & want to start a rescue
2. i still have (and sleep with) a blanky
3. i put peanuts in my pepsi (yum!)
4. i am a vegetarian
5. i kinda want to be a mortician
6. i love organizing
7. i sing to my pets

nominations for the award:
1. sana - scrap corner
2. gina - california scrappin'
3. ashley - lucky dog rescue
4. jessica - nothing new nothing wasted
5. hanlie - just me scrapping away
6. kindra - creations by kindra
7. jessica - the creative stamper's spot
8. cricut chick - cricut chick

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  1. Oh Rachelle--You are so funny!! Nice to see you write about the award.
    I love to organize too. So hard with two little cave boys in the house ans their pack rat dad! I did not know that you are a vegetarian. I might use you as a resource.
    You, yourself, are irresistibly sweet!!