Tuesday, March 6, 2012

project #12

my design team just celebrated its 1st anniversary! for this project (march 1, 2012) i wanted to do something based around luck but wanted to make it a little different than st. patrick's day. the theme was "oh, lucky day" and the requirements were to use at least 3 colors, emboss or deboss, and to make an accordion flower.
 i was really excited to complete this project! i had never made an accordion flower (in fact, these 4 are some of the only i have ever done!). i was also excited to use my new scoring board, embossing folder, AND i had recently become addicted to distressing inks (yes, this is something i have just begun using...i am always behind the times!)
the "luck" part of the cards came in while i was creating the sentiment. i was a little slow getting this year started and then, with the loss of my kitty, halo, i really hit a funk. my boyfriend is always so wonderful to me and i wanted to make something for him letting him know how much he is appreciated and how LUCKY i am to have him! i also wanted to do the same for my mom and stepdad who are so wonderful, giving, and supportive!
creating this project also reminded me how theraputic crafting can be and, while my little kitty isn't right there with my while i am creating, she is still with me always! luck doesn't always mean things going your way...the word "luck" reminds me to count my blessings and be thankful for everything i have <3

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