Wednesday, March 14, 2012

my sanctuary

here is the view of my room from the doorway...i love walking in here with an idea in my head and time to create!

when i started crafting i had a cupboard and some drawers in my dining room. i spent more time getting set up and then cleaning up my mess than i did creating. now, i have a beautiful craft room and while this one is not permanent it is wonderful!

my desk is my favorite part. my mom gave it to me, with a note taped in the drawer, encouraging me to use my crafting abilities and reminding me how proud of me she is. i get so much inspiration from my mom and from this ol' desk!

1 comment:

  1. I love ur room! At the moment I have a space... a closet, and anywhere else I can ram stuff! LOL Our place is tiny and we have 2 boiz... so yeah! I think when and if I finally get a room ALL to myself creating with go so much smoother, happen more often, and maybe even be a better end product! =] I am grateful for what I got now tho! Love ur room grrrrl!