Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1st toilet paper roll album

hello there! i am excited to share my first ever toilet paper roll mini album. when i came across this idea in december i was immediately interested. i love recycling so reusing items for crafting is fantastic! i decided to start saving toilet paper rolls and try to create one of these albums after the new year. however, a few days later a great gift idea popped into my head and i had 3 days to complete the project before christmas. this spiritually uplifting album was made for my stepdad.
i had really been hoping to get a cropadile for christmas (which i did :)) but because i did not have one while making this i decided to not do eyelets in the holes. instead i strung hemp through and tied many knots. because i chose mostly greens and browns and tried to give it an "earthy" feel i think the hemp and other supplies i used helped me achieve my goal. 

throughout the album i printed psalms and inspirational sayings. while i tried to make this album a little masculine i also wanted it to be pretty. i used whatever i could find in my craft room. buttons, stickers, stamps, staples, tags, ribbon, everything. i was trying to keep from throwing it together but i also had to hurry!

with the covers, pages, and inserts there was a total of 21 pages to decorate...with work and getting ready for christmas i really felt the pressure but i managed to do 7 each day for 3 days and was so happy that i got it done on time! nothing like working under a bit of a time constraint to get me in crafting gear!
come to think of it...this isn't actually a toilet paper roll album but a wrapping paper roll album instead. i hadn't gotten the chance to stock up on tp rolls and, with it being christmas, had plenty of empty wrapping paper rolls ready for recycling. i ran the tube through my sizzix, measured each piece evenly, and cut. i love it and my stepdad does too!

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  1. GIRL! This is BEAUTIFUL!!! Such a beautiful way to use one of the minis!!!!