Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#1 of 4 mini album order

not long after i gave my stepdad his toilet paper roll album my mom brought it to her office to show her coworkers. she called me that night with 4 orders of them! my first thought: "do i have enough rolls saved up?" and my second: "how am i going to get all these done?!" but i didn't want to turn down this opportunity so i accepted! each album was to be based around the same theme: spiritual / inspirational. i spent a little time finding psalms and other sayings that i could put in each book so they weren't all the same. this is the first of the order of 4 i have created so far...
i found some binder rings at staples and thought they would be great for these albums. i love that i could tie tule and other fun stuff onto them! throughout this album i used distressing inks, paper tearing and wrinkling, as well as glimmer mists to make it shabby but also a little chic! <3

 1st page: i used my tim holtz clock stamp with white ink and clear / glitter embossing powder. in the pocket is a tag that swivels open to reveal the word "faith"
2nd page: featuring my FIRST EVER accordion flower!!! i love this little guy! i got to use my ms scoreboard for the first time and this flower was so easy!

 3rd page: untie the brown ribbon to reveal an accordion type folded strip of paper with a different message on each square. this was quite fun to make!
4th page: a little pocket holds a double sided tag and a butterfly background

 5th page: lift up the little tab and find a folder with a message inside. this saying is my favorite. it was found on the wall of a bunker where, i believe, a jewish family was hiding during ww2. very sad but also very beautiful words that should always be remembered.
6th page: another little swivel tab with a message underneath.

tube pocket inserts


  1. Hi Rachelle, Thanks for your comment on my Timmy Tag. Your tags are super too however I really LOVE your mini album. I made one (rather a plain one) but I used kitchen roll tubes cut in half rather than loo rolls. If you have 3 more to make perhaps you could use these as an alternative. BJ

  2. thanks, bj! i have completed the second and need to post pics. i have the tubes for 3 and 4 already hole-punched and the edges have been painted! i also have a basket full of flattened rolls for future projects. using the longer ones is a great idea. even cut in half they are probably longer and that could make for some interesting albums {different sizes, that is!} definitely something to try. thanks again!