Saturday, March 31, 2012

tim holtz ~ 12 tags of 2012 ~ march

when i heard about tim holtz's 12 tags of 2012 i thought is was a great idea! i had not heard of the 12 tags of christmas (yes, i live under a rock) and while that sounded fun, one tag each month sounded even better! but with april just around the corner i thought it was too late to join in on the fun and had hopes of maybe joining in next year. then, just a few days ago i was looking into this project a little more and realized i could join...tim himself even started the entire concept late, beginning in february instead of january. and even though i am not a crafting god like tim <3 i am sure me coming in on march is acceptable!

i don't have a woodgrain stamp like in the demonstration so i used a woodgrain patterned paper. i also had to figure out a way to make the butterflies with my supplies. i punched each one out and then glued on the mosaic pieces. after that i used an embossing marker to ink between the mosaic pieces for the "grout". for this i used a metallic embossing powder.
for the flower my wonderful hunny thought of making an accordion flower. while he suggested green, i went with a strip of tan patterned paper that featured brown swirls which created another flower design inside the accordion flower itself. nope, didn't plan that! just a happy crafty surprise :)

all in all, i love the way my first of 12 tags of 2012 came out! i do plan on creating the february tag as well. even though i cannot submit it to the site, i would like to join in on making it - and then i will have a set!


  1. great tag! I have no heard of the 12 tags of 2012 until your blog. So, I guess I live under a bigger rock than you. lol

  2. lol...well at least i am not alone :) i really want to go back and create all the christmas ones as well. you should check out the 12 tags of 2012 if you haven't already. it's really fun and inspirational!