Sunday, February 10, 2013

all you need is love!

hello there! i really really want to share the valentine's i made this year but i have to wait until they have been given!!! so instead i will post previous valentine's that i never shared with all of you!

the first is a homemade candy bouquet that i made for my bf
 i got a big glass vase and put a hunk of styraphome in the middle. then i filled in all around that FULL of kisses -- something like 4 bags. i taped long pieces of wire inside the flaps of all the candy bar wrappers and then inserted the wire into the foam. i tied with ribbon and added some tags! he loved it and it lasted forever!

 next i made goodies for my family! these are "oreo suckers".....chocolate covered oreos decorated with sprinkles {and did you know that oreos are a VEGAN food? awesome!}

i also did a bunch of valentine tags to send along with the goodies...
 finally, one more past valentine project i have to share is the scrapbook page of my first valentine's day with my boyfriend! <3
i hope that you enjoy and that all of this has offered some sort of inspiration to you!! and i will be posting this year's valentine creations sometime next week! share the love!!!

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