Sunday, February 3, 2013

playing catch-up

the last few months of 2012 were pretty hectic for me -- especially when we got a note on our door saying we had to be out in 30 days! it definitely turned out to be a blessing but in the midst of packing, moving, and unpacking i really wasn't able to do any crafting :/ booooo! so now that i am all settled i have been able to catch up on some of my missed projects for the 12 tags of 2012 AND made with love (and paper).
today i will be posting my october tag for 2012. while tim did a halloween themed tag i went a different route. i am really missing bright colors of spring and summer so that was my inspiration!
i received a new phone book the very day i made this so i took my old one and used some pages for the background of my tag. i kept adding layers of paper, ink, and water until i achieved the desired look.
the flowers were brown and tan so i painted them pink, teal, and yellow and then added some gold shimmer and glitter to the middles. this was a really fun tag to make and i hope everyone likes it!
and check out tim's october tag here


  1. Good job Rachelle, you are so creative. I love all that you make and do. I am so proud of you and I love you more than words can tell! MOM

  2. Good job Rachelle, but why are you still up at 3:20 AM? You are so creative and I am so proud of all that you are and do. I love you! MOM

    1. thank you mom! i love you too! thanks for passing along your craftiness!!! <3