Friday, January 25, 2013

12 tags of 2013 * january

i am so so so so so excited that there is a 12 tags of 2013! i knew nothing of the 12 tags of christmas (even though it went on for something like 4 years!) and i found out about 12 tags of 2012 a little late -- plus there were a few months in 2012 where unfortunately i wasn't able to get a tag done in time to submit :/ i am making that work up though so i have a full set of tags but i am really really excited about this years tags because 1) i am starting on time and 2) i am going to do them all in time to submit!

so is my first tag for 2013:
i used the indie art cricut cartridge for the gears and i cut them with gold and silver papers and then added some homemade shimmer mist cause i am addicted to it!!! i was also happy to use my metal gears and spinners because it is not often that i have the same supplies as tim. i like to make do with what i have -- i think this is an important part of crafting because it challenges me to be more creative -- but sometimes it is nice to have the same / similar items...especially when i really like the tag he has created!
hope you all like! and make sure you check out tim's january tag here! :)

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