Sunday, October 27, 2013


this weekend could not have come fast enough! it was much needed after a very long work week. plus my hunny and I actually got a day off together!!! AND we had a couple of fuzzy guests - my mom's dog and my kitty that has lived with my mom for the past 11 years!!  it was really nice to have him around. I get to see him often but we haven't spent time like this together. he is so sweet!
 because we have 2 cats of our own we had meegs stay in my craft studio to keep from any wild cat fights. my cats love to help me craft and meegs was no exception. he was a major help!
although I didn't create a whole lot I did make a couple of little things. one was a cute little tag for a jar of candy I have on my desk:
 this stamp is so cute -- you just write in whatever you want on the top line!
hope you all had a lovely weekend like I did!

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