Sunday, February 1, 2015

superbowl XLIX -- go hawks!

i have to be honest -- i am not a football fan BUT my husband is a HUGE seahawks fan and his excitement and dedication to the team is so contagious. we got into the spirit this year for the superbowl and have had a lot of fun so far.

first thing I did was make my hunny a goody bag of green and blue skittles...

next, my mom made some bandanas for our pets so we made sure to get those on and represent to the other critters in the neighborhood!
then i made some cookies for our superbowl party -- only green and blue m&m's allowed!
finally, sunday morning my husband wanted facepaint for the big day so we got to work on that...
oh, and i got into it a little too and did green and blue eyeshadow...
it has been fun so far preparing for the game and now we are ready! john is wearing his  seahawks sweater, shirt, and socks, we've got snacks on the table and a comfy spot in front of the TV. now just have to wait for the game to start.

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